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How Many Roller Coasters Are At Hershey Park

How Many Roller Coasters Are At Hershey Park

Whether you’re a roller coaster enthusiast or just getting up the nerve to ride for the first time, head on to Hersheypark in Pennsylvania. It is home to 14 incredible collections of heart-pounding steel and wooden roller coasters, which will have you screaming in delight all-day. Check out these coasters that thrill riders each season.

#1- Comet

Comet is the park’s oldest roller coaster, opened in 1946. This classic wooden coaster stands in the shadows of Skyrush, and so it’s easily missed. However, it holds its own extremely well – do not let its mild look fool you. It offers plenty of air time, particularly in the front seat.

Comet maintains its great speed up to the curved brake run, which I’ve not seen before. Its 1,020 m (3,360 ft) of track usually makes for quite a lengthy ride.

The 121-acre amusement park may be limited in its historic roller coasters offerings. However, comet offers a good dose of the old-school coaster nostalgia, which each park needs.

#2 – Lighting racer

I have never ridden a dueling roller coaster before, so I was extremely delighted to finally ride the Lightning Racer. Seeing the opposite train passing above and below made it a great and terrific ride experience.

This classic wooden coaster is always a family favorite, and we are sure that you’ll have a fun time as well.

#3 – Wild Mouse

Unexpected hills, twists, and turns await you on this family roller coaster. We even wondered if the ride had brakes at some point! So, don’t mistake its unassuming look.

Wild Mouse was designed by Mack Rides back in 1999 and is located in the Midway America section, right across from the Wildcat.

#4 – Wild cat

We were unaware that this wooden roller coaster was Great Coasters International’s first coaster. I’m a real fan of GCI’s work, so I was extremely overwhelmed to see where it all started.

I bet that you’ll love its hilltop settings as it offers an incredible view of the park. It is found on a relatively large hill, making it look much higher than it is.

#5 – Skyrush

Skyrush is a steel roller coaster that will take you 61 m (200 feet) up and then drop you down at 121 km\h – it’s the highest drop in Hersheypark. The train will slow slightly at the peak, giving you a brief moment to appreciate the view.

Skyrush features lap-bar restrains, which rest on top of your thighs. And so, it is entirely safe. Skyrush has a remarkable creation, one you will need to ride a couple of times to get a true sense of what the coaster provides.

Each twist, each hill, and each element is taken with precision – you will wonder why there are not more of such across the USA.

#6 – Great Bear

The first thing that will likely impress you with this steel coaster is its pacing and layout. It is also the smoothest roller coaster in this park. It leaves your feet dangling as it lifts 27 m off the ground. It launches into a graceful, yet thrilling course of corkscrew, zero-g, and drops roll, which will give you a scenic vista of Skyview, Spring Creek, and SooperdooperLooper, and more.

#7- SooperdooperLooper

This classic coaster is found in the Hollow section, across from Skyrush. If you live anywhere in Hershey’s neighborhood, sooperdooperLooper was likely your first upside-down encounter.

Reaching speeds of up to 72 km/h, sooperdooperLooper may not be the fastest coaster in the park. However, everyone will recall their first inverted roller coaster. Additionally, get yourself a keepsake t-shirt, “I Survived the sooperdooperLooper.”

#8– Sidewinder

Sidewinder is a boomerang style coaster situated in the Pioneer Frontier section of the amusement park, just right across from Storm Runner.

Each ride contains typically six inversions: three in the ride’s structure, and each is traversed both forward and backward. It isn’t the fastest, but if you are looking for hang-time, then this coaster is for you since you’ll go upside down 6 times.

#9- Trailblazer

This high-speed, modern steel roller coaster is found in the Pioneer Frontier section of Hershey park. It features a brake run level with the launch section of Storm Runner, one lift hill, and a he-lix, which circles four times.

The newest changes to this coaster were in 2003 when the trains were replaced with Premier Rides’ trains, which featured individual lap bars.

#10 – Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit will allow you to reach the sun as you head up the 37 m (121 feet) lift, and hold you as you drop 97°. Hitting high speeds of up to 93km\h, you’ll fly through a series of corkscrews, loops, and get plenty of thrilling airtime.

#11 – Laff Trakk

Laff Trakk is an indoor spinning glow roller coaster. This house of fun will take you on a 360° spin the entire ride.

#12 – Storm Runner

This was my first Intamin accelerator coaster. The 0 to 72 mph in two seconds launch is simply insanity.

Storm Runner takes you high above the park with a 135 ft loop and glides you into dives and barrel rolls before getting you back to the station in a relatively dramatic fashion.

#13 – Cocoa Cruiser

Cocoa Cruiser is an ideal steel coaster for a junior coaster fanatic. It has a small 14 ft curved drop, which is enough excitement for your children. There is also an on-ride photograph opportunity, and so, you can take home her\his first roller coaster experience.

#14 – Breakers Edge

Breakers Edge is the new attraction in the park, opened in 2018. The 3-person coaster is found in the Broadwalk. It will cool you off and thrill your hot summer day – you’ll zoom through high turns, a flying saucer spin, and soaking hills.

In conclusion, consider riding all the 14 word-class roller coasters if you’ll visit this amusement park. From the steel to the classic wooden style coasters, Hershey park has something for every-one.

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